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Job Title: Looking for energetic & fitness minded demo reps
Industry Sector: Supplements/OTC
Job Categories: Demo/Brand Ambassador
Retail - Sales
Sales - Company/Territory Rep

 Contact Information
Company Name: Midway Labs USA
  Address: 6401 Congress Ave. Suite 100
Boca Raton, FL 33487
United States
  Company Phone: (561) 571-6252
Web Site:

Job Description  
The Position: Looking for energetic & fitness minded demo reps
Midway Labs USA is looking for energetic, passionate and experienced demo representatives to help grow our product awareness in the U.S! The representative will be performing the role of a dedicated and enthusiastic user of the product(s) he or she is promoting and therefore must meet certain attribute-specific requirements in order to effectively and convincingly perform the role.  

  • Possesses the aptitude and ability to gain adequate knowledge of the products represented. 
  • Can effectively communicate the features and benefits of the product. 
  • Has the desire and ability to proactively intercept, engage, interact, and influence buying decisions on the product with the consumer, in a positive manner. 
  • Role is performed during in-store and/or offsite/special events. 
  • Supplies/provides materials such as product brochures and/or samples (provided by Midway Labs USA once hired).  
  • Maintains a professional appearance consistent with the requirements of the job. 
  • Properly sets up and prepares for event execution. 
  • Achieves 100% execution on assigned work. 
  • Takes photographs to document event success stories as required.
  • Submit paperwork accordingly and in a timely manner. 
  • Physically capable of bending and lifting to set up displays, adjust shelves during resets, move product, etc. as necessary during account calls 
  • Good driving habits are required. Must provide proof of insurance, valid state motor vehicle driver’s license. Job involves regular travel within assigned territory.
  • Must have reliable transportation to and from.
  • Available to provide demo's at least 4-8 times a week. 
  • Benefit would have an existing client base to visit. 

Physical Demands - The associate may be regularly required to: 
Stand for up to 3-6 hours at a time 
Interact with customers
Lift and carry up to 20 pounds (including occasional lifting of up to 50 pounds) 
Move and set up a display weighing 50 to 100 pounds not including supplies and product (tables, table clothes and banners)

Physical Appearance:

Individuals must ensure a professional appearance and proper grooming is in order. 
The associate must present a neat, clean, and appropriately groomed appearance. 

Specific Skills:
Working Conditions (environment in which the job is performed) - Retail store environment, gym, smoothie, health & fitness clubs. 
Language Skills - English is the primary language skill; however, bilingual skills may be required based on business necessity. Bilingual is NOT required. 
***Please submit a clear, clean and professional looking picture along with your resume to be considered for the Demo Representative Position.
***Highly suggested to also send Social Media link to see community/fitness/health industry involvement.  
Thank you and I truly look forward to hearing from you!!
Salary:  $15 / hour  plus 5-10% commission DOE

Position Type: Demo/Brand Ambassador
Country: United States
Willing to Relocate: No
Willing to Travel: Yes
Minimum Experience Required: 1-3 years

Contact Name: Chrissy Oliveira
Direct Phone: (561) 571-6252


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